Steve Vassallo
Gardener and Project Manager

Steve has 25 years in the business of gardening and is well known for his expertise in organic farming. He is passionate about gardening and has this to say: gardening requires a great deal of skill in order to succeed but it also demands much more than the knowledge needed to cultivate a given crop from seed to harvest. Gardening requires hope, faith, and the ability to envision and carry through with long term goals that you set for yourself. It is amongst the oldest, universal and exclusively human forms of nurturing. It combines healthy, physical exercise with an appreciation and a reverence for the possibilities and limitations imposed by nature and it provides the opportunity to present the most sustaining of all gifts to family and friends. 

Samantha Mathews ᐧᐊᒋ ᓯᐱᔑᐡ ᓂᒧᐧᐃᐣ

Plant Medicine and Language/Cultural Apprentice:Inini’w Eskwe’w, Bear Clan 

Sammy is passionate about carrying on her grandfather’s work in terms of restoring culture, language and working with medicines. She co-leads medicine and language walks with her mom and is originally from Attawapiskat First Nation but lives in Saskatoon while she studies cultural fashion.  Sammy’s knowledge and teachings of plants as medicines were shared with her by Anishnaabe, Skwxwú7mesh, Shishalh, Blackfoot and Cree elders and knowledge keepers. Her mother taught her the medicines used by her grandfather and grandmother.  Sammy is quick to add,  “No one should forget.”


Leslie LaCombe
Bookkeeper/Financial Advisor

Leslie has a business degree from UofT with ten years experience in financial management. She will ensure that the BGP is fiscally responsible and will administer our funding in a sound, effective and professional manner.  Leslie believes that access to real food should be affordable regardless of location or circumstance.